Our services include disassembling, installing production, assembly and commissioning equipment for new plants, and maintaining existing ones, as well as packaging, logistics, transportation and cargo handling. We are fully able to adapt our services to the needs of our partners at locations


We are contractual partners of several renowned German companies, so we participate in the production and installation of various construction sites around the world.

With about sixty full-time employees of various technical profiles; from mechanics, installers, electrical installers, computer technicians, programmers, to highly qualified specialists in the engineering profession, we can bring together a complete team of the necessary personnel in short term for the needs of individual projects. We are very flexible with respect to the needs of our clients, we respect the agreed deadlines and the quality of performance.

Our employees are present or have completed projects at construction sites around the world.

The AC Group teams are experienced in:
  • Installation of metal structures
  • Installation of transport equipment
  • Assembly and dismantling of the varnishing plant
  • Installation of all types of industrial plants and appliances
  • TIG welding, MIG / MAG and electric welding

We are particularly experienced in the assembly and commissioning of sophisticated industrial robots intended for specific technological processes.

In the automotive industry, we specialize in the assembly and commissioning of robots intended for various stages of finishing, especially painting and varnishing in batch production of both the smallest components and entire vehicle assemblies.

We are constantly working on assembly jobs of Eco paint robots for company Dürr intended for painting and lacquering surfaces of all colors, solvent, powder or water based.

When assembling such robots, the highest environmental standards are respected and the extreme precision required by the application of such advanced technologies is required.

Another type of latest generation industrial robots that we specialize in is robots in charge of special technologies for liquid coupling, sealing and insulation of vehicle components during assembly.

We monitor the development and application of technologies that use extremely high viscosity materials for bonding, which requires knowledge and high precision in the assembly and commissioning of robots, and we are proud that we are specialized in this field and continuously receive high marks for our work by our clients.


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